The Real Deal With The Pyramids Of Egypt

When you watch National Geographic, BBC, or CNN, youll often find documentaries that talk about the great pyramids of Egypt. In those videos youll see a vast desert with camels passing through and with tall pyramids rising from the ground. If you were interested enough, you would have heard about the mysteries in those pyramids and imagined yourself solving one of them the way Indiana Jones did.

However, in reality, are the pyramids even that majestic? Are they great as documentaries say they are?

Expectations vs. Reality

In reality, going to the pyramids is a hassle. Its not the sun that will make you want to go back, but its the number of beggars and locals asking you for money or offering you services that are way above their reasonable price. A lot of people already described their Egypt trip to be a disaster because of this.
Add to that the garbage you will see everywhere and the developments that keep popping around the pyramids. Imagine the Sphynx staring right in the face of a fast food sign. Terrible, right?

How to Turn Your Pyramid Trip Around

Before you give up your Egypt dreams, you should know that there are ways to make your adventure less of a hassle and more enjoyable. There are travel tips and tricks around the pyramids that will help you save more while avoiding all the locals asking you for money in one way or another. Follow these tips to make your visit memorable.

Go on a group tour
A group tour will guide you through the pyramids and they will also give you histories of the places. Aside from the information youll get, with a group tour you dont have to worry about transportation. This will also save you a lot of money because you will be paying a fixed price for the whole tour.

Bring your own water
Its hard to find drinks once you start your tour so bring your own jug and fill it with water. With the heat and the sand, youll be thankful you thought ahead and brought refreshments with you.

Don’t bring a pet – it sounds crazy but there are a lot of people who travel with a dog and try to bring them into the Pyramids. These are protected monuments and they don’t want dogs running around the ruins. So heed the travel advice, lease the dog at home or with apet-sitter at the hotel for this excursion.

Prepare smaller bills
If ever you do find yourself needing to buy snacks or refreshments, you have to be prepared by having smaller bills with you. The sellers will often make it an excuse to not have change so youre forced to give the whole bill to them. As much as possible, give smaller bills so there will barely be any change.

Clean up after yourself
This is something that should be stressed all the time. The Supreme Council of Antiquities, the management that is supposed to oversee and preserve the pyramids, is in need of tourists that know how to clean up after themselves. The main reason is that there are no people cleaning the pyramids. Yes, you heard that right. There are barely any trash bins and signs for segregating trash. So if you want to do your part in taking care of the wonders of the world, you can start by throwing your trash in your own plastic bag.

Although this article might have traumatized you, this wasnt the goal. Instead, this aims to prepare you for the reality that is Egypt. With these tips, you can still turn your trip into a comfortable and adventurous one.

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