Does Commercial Pet Food Have Nutritional Value?

The ever increasing need for top quality pet snacks is accelarating the growth and expansion of the market for pet food in the USA. The ever increasing demand for top and premium pet food will always have a positive influence on the markets, especially in the USA and will assist companies to launch pet and animal food products that are specifically formulated to meet any requirements that the market and US consumers might have.

Many pet owners in the US and other markets are searching for pet nutrition and animal food products like functional treats that are healthy, and dental chews for example, rather than unhealthy treats. This is because they like to ensure the maximum health benefit for their pets. Many of the pet food producers in the markets are additionally introducing many ranges of super-food snacks that can provide energy for extremely active dogs. The creation of premium type snacks that can be found in many flavors is also starting to gain immense attention in the market for pet foods in the US.

Traditionally, pet food production evolved via sterilisation methods and by using preservatives. But these days natural alternatives often are in high demand. And this is coupled with the need for pet foods that have been authentically manufactured with the best ingredients.

Although the retail price of pet foods is not the best indicator to see if a pet food is of good or bad quality, the purchase price can often be a good indicator of the quality. It is almost impossible for an enterprise that can sell generic brands of pet food at $10.95 for a bag of around 40lb, to be able to use quality grain and protein in the pet food it produces. Purchasing top quality ingredients would cost much more than the best possible selling price.

Here are some examples of the high quality ingredients that you will need to look out for in top quality pet foods: ingredients such as free range chicken, pasture raised beef and lamb and wild caught fish. Also vegetables like peas, carrots, sweet potatoes & spinach, and fruits like papaya, blueberries, coconut and raspberries. Whole grains are also essential like brown rice, oatmeal fiber and barley for healthy digestion. Some dry and selected canned formulas which contain superfoods for example kale, blueberries, pumpkin and chia seeds are also imporatnt. All these ingredients are seen as good sources of essential nutrients, as well as antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, proteins and fatty acids.

Wet pet food can come in several different varieties such as cans, tubs and pouches. Wet pet food can contain higher moisture levels, sometimes as much as sevent-five percent, than most dry pet food, which often contains ten percent on average. So the higher the actual moisture level, the better hydrated your pet will be. This can help with overall kidney & urinary tract function. If the moisture level is lower, the shelf life of the food will be longer. Most dogs with tooth or mouth problems will find it much easier to ingest wet dog food, becuase it is much softer than dry pet food. Canned pet food is often also more expensive than most dry pet food.

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