Why Do People Indulge in Gambling in Casinos?

Gambling is a disease and those who suffer from it rarely know that they do. The cure according t7o them is gamble some more whenever you lose. Gamblers usually gamble anything and at the end of it they are faced with dilemas.

Here is what most gamblers’ dilemma is: They usually play casino table games which have a corresponding casino house edge.

In some games, it is really not that significant. Casino table games like Blackjack and Craps have a little house edge if played carefully. Games like Roulette, Three-Card Poker, Let It Ride, have a moderate casino house edge of about 6% percent. But in other games, the house edge is really big and you will not have any chance to win if not is played carefully and with luck.

Games like slots have a house edge of about 15% percent. The bottom line is that the more time that you play, the higher chance that you will lose all of your hard earned cash. Not a lot of casino gamblers know those technical details behind the game and how to win but they do know that some other way that this thing will happen.

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Casinos are in business and their aim is to make profit so gamblers should not think that winning is about luck, it is as determined. Did you ever ask yourself why there are no clocks or windows in a casino or why you are almost winning but never actually winning?

Casinos are a psychological minefield. Their architectural design, as well as everything in it, has a methodical function devised to keep you, the player, inside spending your money. Some tactics they use are as conspicuous as the nose on your face, while others are guile and subtle. However, they all play on the players’ psyche and make them feel comfortable, wanted, and most of all, optimistic. Following are ten maneuvers casinos use that keep them rolling in our money.

Next to actually winning, nothing gets your adrenaline pumping like nearly winning and the realization that you almost took money from the casino. But if casinos gave out money to everyone who almost won, they would be broke after one day. Every game, whether it be a table or machine, is designed to payout small wins in the short run, but eventually take more from you in the long run. Slot machines constantly make small payouts while perpetually being one cherry or star away from the big jackpot. Players always win hands at blackjack which gives them the impression that the game is winnable, but the house edge is always grinding away at their bankroll and their money slowly dissipates.

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If you knew something was bad for you, would you still pursue it? The answer is probably know. So wy do gamblers gamble? Why do they gamble away their salaries? Their homes, their spouses and even children because when you gamble you have brought a monster into your home.

Why Do People Gamble? – Escapism

The gambling environment can provide an escape from everyday life. Whether it be the glitzy casino environment, a loud and exciting amusement arcade or even an online betting company, for the time that we are taking part we can be surrounded by different people, different sounds and emotions, all of which stimulate and arouse our senses.

Why Do People Gamble? – Glamorous

The media and advertising agencies understand the psychology of gambling and often portray a stylish, sexy, fashionable image of gambling. In film and TV, we see characters enjoying a night at the casino or an afternoon at the races. There is often a suggestion of ‘high society’ and attending at ‘a place to be seen’.

Why Do People Gamble? – Social

Gambling is accepted as part of this country’s culture and as such is widely articipated in (with varying frequency) by the majority of the population. Some young people are introduced to gambling by learning to play card games with their parents at home, maybe we go the bingo with friends on a Friday night or meet after school at the amusement arcade.

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