Caribbean Islands – A Long History Worth Exploring

Most people assume that Caribbean islands have short cultural histories.

We often see Caribbean cultures as having started with European invasions – taking out the Mayan empire.

We like to envision the struggle those islands went through with slavery. And their desire for independence and self-governance.

But this isn’t the full truth. Caribbean islands did have a long history, as uncovered by many archaeological excavations.

And specifically, that history extends back as far back as 6th millennia.

The 1st Settlements.

For those who don’t know, that would be as far back as 4500 BCE.

That’s further away than the known origins of Ancient Egypt or the Indus valley. And it shows that there were “somewhat” sophisticated people during that era.

But there wasn’t exactly a civilization. There were settlements, called the Casirimoids.

Fast Forward to 400 BCE.

And you’ll find an agricultural civilization, with the ability to use ceramic for utility.

This was as far back as Alexander the Great – who lived between 400 and 300 BCE.

It was called the Saladoid culture. And it was South American in its origin, which moved up and took over the Caribbean.

Obviously, this culture doesn’t exist anymore. But seeing how there were civilizations there is interesting to explore.

Wait – When Did the Mayans Enter the Picture?

Around 1300 AD.

By historical standards, the Mayan empire is a fairly recent one. And it didn’t last long. It only existed for 200-300 years, before the Spanish showed up.

Between the time of Saladoids and Mayans, a lot happened. You had cultures that showed up and declined, like the Barancoid, the Orinoco, and the Arauqinoid.

It’s a long history to learn about. And there’s l of archaeological evidence to showcase it.

Well that’s an Eye Opener.

It really is.

Most people look at the Caribbean as a neutral place for a nice summer vacation. But they don’t realize how culturally rich the place is…

And how much of a history you can explore there.

Now, while a lot of those cultures are extinct, their remains exist in museums.

It’s just like the remains of the Shogunate in Japanese museums. Or the remains of the ancient Greek sculptures we see today.

If you’re into exploring ancient cultures and history, give the Caribbean a try. You’ll learn a lot, and you’ll enjoy a lot too!

And it Gives You Another Reason to Go There.

Think of it this way.

Your next Caribbean vacation will probably be a traditional one. You’ll get an accommodation on the beach, and enjoy the clear water and summer.

You’ll try some local foods, swim a bit – and play a bit on the sand.

And that’s about it.

But you need more when going to a vacation. Especially since it’s mid-summer, and you need variety during that season!

So going to Caribbean is an excuse to enjoy the beach. But it’s also an expansion of consciousness, where you explore history and culture from a different time and place!

You Can Explore “Recent History” Too.

Don’t think that history stops with the Mayans.

There’s a beautiful culture in the Caribbean, that’s been developed throughout the past 300 years.

And it’s quite African-inspired too! You see, the current cultures of the Caribbean have their origins in the African slaves of the colonial era…

It develop when they brought their music and norms to their new homes.

So expect that culture to contain a lot of festivals and entertainment! And if you like a nice traditional festive adventure holiday, just go to the Caribbean!

Festivals for Days.

Caribbean countries are famous for never-ending festivals.

It’s not like the busy “city environments” of the West. Caribbean cultures are much calmer and smoother.

And they’re also some of the happiest nations on Earth – depending on where you go!

The population is low, and many Caribbean nations have high GDP. So there’s a good standard of life satisfaction there.

It’s essentially blissful. It’s all you want in a vacation spot!

You Travelling There?

If yes, then it’s time you do a bit of planning!

When travelling to the Caribbean to explore heritage and cultural, you need a guide. And you need to read up on where you’re going as much as you can.

For that, we recommend Adventure travelling!.

This is a fantastic site to get information on history and culture as well as adventure travel destination and activities from soft adventure to some that are pretty daunting.

It’s what you need when exploring a foreign country.

So head over to adventure-traveling, and start planning your next travel destination now!

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