3 Issues You’ll Face When Hiring A Travel Agent

Are you travelling soon? If yes, you may be looking for a travel agent or planning to use an online bookings system.

Both are a necessity in the transport world. But they can be trouble a lot of the time:

Especially if you’re dealing with one that lacks experience. So you need to be alert for potential points of conflict.

Thus, we’ll mention 3 problems you might face with a travel agent.

And we’ll talk about how you can do your travel planning – without a travel agent!

Video – Travel Author Nolan Burris Explains Why its Better to Do-It-Yourself!

(1) Scamming.

Doesn’t happen often. But sometimes, a travel agent will just take your money and disappear.

This happens with small and unknown travel firms. Especially firms that haven’t been around for more than a few months.

Scams happens when you book a holiday, pay the money – and then find that there was nothing booked…

It’s a disaster specifically with hotel bookings. You could end up stranded in a foreign country, with no accommodation to stay in.

And it’ll take you ages to get home, contact authority, and investigate the scammer.

Combatting this problem.

Ask for legal guarantees on the money you spend.

Some countries force travel agents to protect their clients’ money by law. For example, the UK forces travel agents to issue ATOL certification.

It ensures you don’t lose money if you get scammed. And it protects you abroad if your travel company falls apart.

Or in scam situations – disappears.

(2) Inconvenient Demands.

OK, this one is more traveler related.

Sometimes, you’ll ask a travel agent for specific bookings and services. Only to find those services cancelled due to emergencies.

For example – let’s look at surprise weather. Maybe you’re booking a flight, only for it to be delayed as a result of a storm.

You must be patient in such situations, as emergencies do happen.

Another Situation.

Events, specifically city wide, might restrict your travel agent’s ability to deliver.

For example, let’s say you’re travelling to a bustling city. That city might be hosting a major celebration, with many tourists attending.

You’ll have to book in advance. Or else, expect all good options to run out.

Best Accommodations and Activities.

Now, you can’t put pressure on a travel agent to force best options. Because they can only find you what they see on the market…

But some travel agents do slack. After all, you might suffer from…

(3) Bad Quality of Service.

Many countries don’t regulate the service quality of the travel agent industry. It’s simply a difficult thing to do.

Beyond financial protection (issue #1), some travelers won’t supply what you want.

They won’t match you up with flights or bookings that suit your demands. They won’t find you hotels and apartments that match your personality.

Nor will they book you land transport as you prescribe.

Slacking: Not the Only Issue.

There’s also the problem of misunderstandings.

It’s hard to describe your needs to travel agents, and in full.

Your vision of an ideal situation is something that’s very visual. But making that a reality is hard, unless the agent knows you in person.

For an agent to plan you the best holiday, they need to know your personality.

Now, that’s not something many people are willing to allow. Because it’s really hard to trust people with your deepest desires and traits.

A Solution: A Smart Travel App.

And by smart, we don’t mean a high IQ worker. Instead, we mean an intelligent computer system.

Why not let a computer be your travel agent? You can have them suggest you accommodation and activities, based on your personality!

Wait – Can Computers Understand the Human Personality.

They can in ways previously unimaginable.

2018 is witnessing pioneers in the travel industry, with smart systems that analyze traveler personalities.

Such smart systems study the choices and actions of the traveler. They’ll then infer a detailed personality understanding of them.

Analysis is done based on 49 personality types. After deciding a personality type, the computer further refines its understanding using 100+ keywords to know your needs.

In summation.

There are computers out there that know your travel needs better than most of your loved ones.

And they’ll suggest you what perfectly matches your personality. From there, you can do all the booking yourself!

If you want to learn more, simply visit the link below.


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