For A Bad Boy Vacation Spend A Night At These Prisons Turned Hotels

Some of us have a secret wish to experience something that most individuals cannot even begin to imagine. There is a growing trend for people to try something different on their vacations, whether its travels with a dog, an activity holiday or unusual tour. While staying in a castle tops the list of these secret wishes, there’s a growing number of tourists who like to experience being incarcerated for a night or two in one of the world’s best prisons.

Don’t worry though as your prison sentence is all up to you and the jail guards are uncharacteristically pleasant and jovial, to say the least. Now, here are the some of the best prisons-turned-hotels that you really have to book yourself if you’re feeling like a bad boy.

Hotel Katajanokka

This prison-turned-hotel is rich in history as the building itself was constructed in 1832 upon orders of the great Tsar Nicholas of Russia. The Helsinki County Prison was completed after 5 years and even included its very own church. Over the years, 3 additional wings were built to serve the growing population of inmates, finally closing its doors and its fearsome reputation in 2002. Today, a recipient of several Travelers’ Choice awards, the Hotel Katajanokka exudes in uncompromising comfort, chic design, and highly personalized services that even Tsar Nicholas would envy if he were still around.

Hosteling International Ottawa Jail Hostel

When the Carleton County Gaol was erected in 1862, it had a very imposing structure. Its massive Georgian architecture never really attempted to hide or even mask its true purpose. It was the most inhospitable place in Canada that many considered it the beast within the beautiful city of Ottawa. Cells were stripped of any heating mechanisms. There were no commodes in the cells. For prisoners of the time serving your sentence at the Carleton meant early demise from diseases within a few years. After 110 years, its gates of Hell were finally closed and upon its ashes came the Hosteling International Ottawa Jail Hostel. Today, a different breed of fearsome jail guards man the hallways, ever-ready with their distinctive Canadian smile. The prisoners have transformed, too. There are no more sickly souls waiting for their trip across the River Styx; only happy and satisfied guests for an accommodation of a lifetime.

Malmaison Oxford

If there are prisons that are designed and built to make life really comfortable for its prisoners, then you’d expect the Oxford Prison to be one of them. Located in Oxford in the UK, this Victorian building has all the makings of a truly lavish, outlandish, and pompous edifice for the undesirable elements of the British lands. It was erected in 1870 and has been largely considered as the 5-star prison of its time. In the 21st century, Malmaison Oxford continue on the tradition of exceptional service, lavishly-appointed guestrooms, and a feeling that you’re actually not living in one of the most celebrated prisons of all time if not in the British Isles, then in the whole world.

These prisons may have their dark secrets, but all of them have been naturally cleansed the moment they’ve been turned into luxury hotels. It’s about time you start serving your sentence.

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