Is Live Music The Best Option For A Wedding Party And Ceremony?

The legal issues and formalities of a wedding constitute the bare bones of the ceremony. And without dressing things up a little, a wedding can be a rather dull event. However, adding a couple of elements to event can transform a ho-hum wedding day into an incredible and memorable one for both you and your guests. Flower arrangements, room decor, table decorations, lighting, and a few delicacies can all increase the elegance of the occasion, but music can turn it into something a step above the norm.

Whether the wedding event is elegant or casual, old fashioned or unique, the right music creates a mood or atmosphere of fun and enthusiasm that other wedding components cannot. Wedding ceremonies with no music at all might have wedding guests wondering “when is the ceremony going to end?” The right music adds life, energy, drama, and romance to the celebration, keeping the invited guests focused and engaged.

Yet, it’s the wedding reception music, and not the music for ceremonies, that will actually make the day something to remember. Without music, a good number of the people in attendance will be running toward the exit after they’ve eaten some of the food, unless there isn’t food; which means they’ll quickly be maneuvering toward the exit once they think the wedding couple won’t notice them walking out.

The ideal way to spice up a reception is to offer those in attendance some music, and when possible, live music. Obviously, you’ve got the choice to book a wedding DJ instead of a band, but live music never fails to add a lot more to the occasion than recorded music. Using a wedding guitarist, string quartet, or a live party band will certainly make the occasion a whole lot more entertaining for everyone in attendance. However, a live wedding band can provide enjoyment for the guests that soft, acoustic music cannot.

Wedding crowds absolutely love dancing, so offering a wedding live band that pumps out one dance hit after the other will have the guests on the dance floor the whole night long. If you’d like your family and friends to be telling you just how magnificent your wedding party was for weeks to come, a live band may be the solution. It’s not often the room decorations or cuisine that folks remember, it’s the entertainment.

Pre-recorded music will be cheaper of course, but if you would like your wedding day to be as unforgettable as you hoped it would be, consider paying more for live musicians. And if your budget is tiny, it may be wise to lower your expenses on the less important things, so that you can put more money toward the entertainment. Wedding days only happen once in a person’s lifetime, at least that’s the dream, so making certain it’s the best experience of your life means hiring live music for the ceremony and wedding reception. You don’t have to be satisfied with less.

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