The Scenic Hilltop San Marino

Considered as the worlds fifth smallest independent country, San Marino has been a continuous source of curiosity. This micronation is often overlooked for its size and landlocked location.

To be more specific, it is enclosed within Italy. In line with this, the Italian language is spoken in San Marino. Do not be fooled by its area at 61 square kilometers, this country has a lot to give.

It’s relatively overlooked by visitors from other European countries, but this tiny nation does attract some tourists and the local tourist board wants to promote the destination so more people visit.

It’s a relatively easy country to travel around. Access is open for European travellers, but those from further afield will need to sign up for visas. There are some restrictions on pets, so check the regulations for dogs if you plan to visit with your pooch.

It has a total of nine municipalities including its UNESCO-listed capital in the name of Città di San Marino or simply San Marino. Dogana, however, is the largest town of San Marino.

San Marino is known for its steep slopes and cliffs. With fascinating castles and aforementioned highlands, the view of towns can truly take a tourists breath away. There is a close proximity between San Marino and the Adriatic Sea making the latter seen on a clear day.

Central Italy, however, is easily a common view. Given such a beautiful view from atop, locals make hilltop villages, castles, and structures like fortresses.

In fact, one of the most visited in San Marino are defensive towers. Some of these are open to tourists. To name two of the famous towers, there are Rocca and Torre Cesta.

Visitors can climb these and even explore the ramparts. It should be noted that San Marinos fortifications have been restored making it more attractive to travelers.

While some sites are open to the public, there are also those structures that are closed. To mention one, there is Torre del Montale. But do not let this discourage you, it is still a wonderful viewpoint and nothing less.

Tourist can patiently wait to witness the so called changing of the guard ceremony in Piazza della Libertá, another tourist must visit in San Marino. It usually occurs half-past every hour especially during summer months.

You will have the opportunity to view the military of this independent republic in their fancy uniforms.
This country might be small, but it is proud of its independence as shown by its own stamps and of course postal system. You can send out a postcard bearing this locals stamps by simply dropping one in the white post boxes around the country. Or better yet, capture pictures of the sceneries and send them off to your loved ones.
To have a glimpse of beautiful artefacts and exhibits, try stopping at museums. The most recommended is its State Museum. Another museum to visit is the famous Ferrari museum located at the foot of Monte Titano, another attraction of San Marino.

To list a few more attractions, there are Cesta Tower, Guaita, Mount Titano, Centro Storico Di San Marino, Palazzo Pubblico, San Marino Nature Park, Basilica de, Santo Marino, Museo di Stato, Museo delle Armi Moderne San Marino, etc.

There are also churches worth the visit especially the Basilica of San Marino. This is because a saints bones are said to be preserved in an urn. There is also the Chiesa di San Francesco built in the fourteenth century.
Having said these, San Marino is undeniably filled with hotspots even with its relatively small area for a country.

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